Becoming a Mummy to our gorgeous boy, Colby, really was a dream come true! I have always worked with babies and children so as soon as we got married I knew we wanted to try for a baby (although we ended up announcing our pregnancy at the wedding)! Colby was born at just 33 weeks so it was a little bit of a scary beginning but looking at him now you would never know!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, the baby shopping became an obsession! I am sure Colby has more clothes than Michael and I put together - I just love baby fashion. Having my own online baby boutique has always been a dream of mine but I have put it off because 'there is never the right time to do it'. However, in a moment of madness, I thought - nope I'm going to do this! And... Colby & Co was born!

When you support a small business you are supporting someone’s dream.