Our Story So Far...

Why hello there!! For our first blog post, I thought it might be nice to just introduce ourselves and our story so far!

My name is Amy Crisp, which is most unfortunate when your post gets delivered to ‘A Crisp’! I used to write a personal blog ‘My Mummy Diary’ but one child and a growing business later, I struggle to find the time now! I have always loved writing (and oversharing) so I thought I’d combine my love of writing and passion for Colby & Co to bring you a monthly blog post with updates on what’s going on behind the scenes!  

Michael (the hubs) plays a huge part as well, as much as I’d love to say I’m a Mum run business, we really are family run! He does all the techy stuff, if it was down to me the website wouldn’t look half as good as it does! He also sorts out all of our shipments and finances. So basically, he does all the boring stuff and I do the fun stuff, like, photos, product designing, sampling, creating the orders and our social media. 

Colby & Co launched on 10th August 2020, my friend Hannah suggested the name so I can't take the credit! Colby, if you hadn’t guessed already, is our son. He will be two in March and he is just the most incredible (and hilarious) little boy. I mean he’s done pretty well to have a company named after him already, eh?! It sounds very cliche but everything we do, is for Colby! So we launched in the middle of a global pandemic, some may say that’s crazy but we have no regrets. Colby & Co has gone from strength to strength. 

We started sampling from lots of different suppliers, some were awful, really awful. We eventually finalised our first drop of clothing and whilst this was being made, I thought I’d learn a new skill as well (vinyl for personalisation)! I spent hours researching the best machine, heat press & vinyl. I then had to learn how to use all my new toys. It’s one of those ‘it’s easy when you know how’ but it was quite overwhelming to start! 

We then found there was a gap in the market for toddler shoes, particularly boys (although all our shoes are currently all unisex). I then spent hours, I mean hours and hours and hours (you get my point) researching factories that made shoes. I knew by this point that I didn’t want to go down the wholesale route so I needed to find a factory to work alongside us.

I must have sent at least 100 emails before we found the factory we now use. It’s a small factory in Turkey and we get regular updates on every stage of production. When Covid is over and done with (hopefully soon eh), we will more than likely be going to see the factory where they are made which is super exciting.

We had sooo many samples of the first boots and trainers, we were so picky as they NEEDED to be perfect. Once we were happy with the final designs, they were then shipped over to us and I had 1300 pairs to quality check. I’m not sure if it sounds like a lot but oh my god it looks like a lot. My first thoughts when they arrived... S**T! How are we going to sell that many!! All jokes aside, it was a little overwhelming but I was excited more than anything. The feedback on all the footwear has been amazing! We already started to design a new style of trainer but we haven’t seen a sample as of yet but hope to receive these in the next week or two!

I’m aware that this is actually really long, looks like I write just as much as I talk...  

Moving forward, everything will be Colby & Co branded which basically means I will have the creative control over everything rather than picking from wholesale! The new jumpers are due to arrive this week, I am so excited. The quality is AMAZING & it’s gone through the ‘Colby & Mummy test’ for the past two months! This basically means Colby has worn it and I’ve washed it multiple times to ensure that it doesn’t go bobbly, shrink, colour run etc!! I can’t wait for the jumpers to officially launch and to learn ANOTHER new skill. Did someone say embroidery? Yep, it’s coming soon!! 

On that note, I’ll stop blabbing! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will be back soon!

Amy x


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