Hello February!

I can't believe we are already half way through February - this month is flying by! Corona-aside, 2021 has been really positive so far for Colby & Co!

Our new jumpers launched at the beginning of the month yay! The feedback has been fab and it seems everyone loves them as much as I do, phew! With our shipment we also received the matching Mama jumper samples as well! I can confirm that they are now in production, I can't wait for them to arrive! I love a bit of twinning! I have one in every colour so I need to start creating some content ready for them to launch. They will be available in the same colours - pebble, sage, blush pink, teal and baby blue! 

We also have our new loungewear on the way which will hopefully be here by the end of the month! Colby has been wearing the samples since December - they wash so nicely! No bobbles, shrinkage etc which is obviously super important! I was torn between 100% cotton and 95% cotton and 5% elastane but in the end I went for the 5% elastane as I thought it will be nice to just have that little bit of stretch! 

Everything is GO GO GO at the moment, I have been super busy behind the scenes - I feel like there is so much to update you on! I have Mama loungewear samples arriving (hopefully) by Monday along with the toddlers summer loungewear sets. These will be the same as our new loungewear sets but shorts and tee and different colours. I love the sampling stage, it's so much fun (when we're happy with them of course)!

We have also been sampling some new footwear - sandals, trainers, loafers and boat shoes. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the loafers so we will be looking to add those soonish. I think in navy and brown but we're still to confirm. We need to make a few changes on them as they didn't go on as easily as I had hoped. I think we will add two small pieces of elastic under the tongue to give them a bit more 'give'. 

That's my little (ok, not that little) February update! I will be back next month with hopefully lots of new and exciting things to share with you! 

Amy x


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